First Mile’s Infrastructure Management unit designs, installs, manages and maintains the telecommunications infrastructure of commercial buildings. Our goal is to provide:

Tenants with a property that offers economical and efficient access to alternative state-of the-art communications service providers.  

Carriers with direct access to buildings without the delay and cost of the installation, management and process and the further costs and delays that may be encountered in contracting directly with building owners and managing such process.

Building Owners with an economically and professionally installed central distribution system available to tenants, creating additional property value as well as a revenue stream that is managed by a single, highly-competent third party. 

With only one company managing a building’s vertical communications infrastructure, the Building Owner receives the benefit of minimal expenditure of resources and maximum value to the tenants.  The building infrastructure management program prevents the inconvenience, tenant disturbance and other problems caused by carriers continually core drilling and constructing within their buildings. 

First Mile enhances property value providing an orderly, technologically advanced Building Backbone through which tenants can easily access high quality communications services. By also owning rights to Roof Tops in many locations, First Mile plays a strategic role in the successful evolution of Wireless Telecommunications.

First Mile’s affiliation with users, carriers and building owners creates a strategic Win – Win -- Win Solution.



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